What is irony?

Every hardship in life is irony.
What todays society is divided in is, irony.
Irony is what makes you laugh at what the world is upto and is.
Irony defines today’s world.
We live in a world where the most important thing for any man is a home of his own.
HOME is one of the biggest examples of irony.Why?
Your house is your status symbol, your temple, your security, your investment,where you grow up, and generations after you grow up, yet this dream of yours is built by a bunch of people who will never have a Home of their own.
Ironical, isnt it?
Its new years time.
With all the festivities round the corner one goes out explores the world he otherwise wouldn’t go.
Malls, multi-cuisine restaurants, are ones favourite destination where all we want is to feast and enjoy.
And why it all is possible because people who have their jobs to feed and serve us are always on the go. They feed you and us irrespective they themselves may never earn to enjoy such an outing with their loved ones in a decent restaurant.
We sleep a sound and secure sleep every night. Because we know some random guy is out there on the borders, of our nation, holding a gun, ready to sacrifice his life so that we can breathe freedom in our lungs tomorrow.
The people who take you from one place to another, ┬áthe drivers, dont ever earn enough to go home and think tomorrow “I’ll have a destination to reach”.
Its a hard life out there and it doesnt get better.
So next time you run past such people who provide you which they themselves are devoid of, just return their favor with a smile.
It’ll be of more value than any tip you leave.